“Julius consulted me on my business and my tax situation. I felt Julius was very knowledgable, and especially a good fit for people that don’t fit the usual narrative of being US-based. Especially if you’re from e.g. Europe (like myself) Julius is super helpful and on-point. Would definitely recommend again!”
P. Moorman (Netherlands)


“Julius advised me on the right tax strategy as a digital nomad. After extensively discussing my options, we found a solution that was both secure and saving me money. His session saved me a lot of time and a lot of money.”
Aaron S, UK


“Thanks for this report, very enlightening, and I’ve learned a huge amount from our chat and this report.”
John – Ireland


“After following Julius’ helpful advice online for sometime, I reached out for his assistance when I was ready to flip the nomadic switch. As luck would have it we were both in Bali at the same time. We met several times and over those chats and subsequent emails, came upon a solution which fit my current set up. He was very patient and knows this topic inside and out.
I’d highly recommend Julius to anyone looking to explore a digital nomad lifestyle, or just for offshore company and tax advice. Thanks!”

Naomi S. – Australia


“I’d like to thank Julius for creating this great resource. There’s an
increasing amount of us location independent workers and entrepreneurs
who wish to become “digital nomads”, and while there are some great
websites about the travel and business aspects of this lifestyle, almost
nobody seems to know about the tax situation. I’ve been researching this
subject on my own for a long time, spending perhaps even a little too
much time and money on it, so I’m extremely happy to have found this
website. I just wish I had found it about a year ago, would have saved me
a lot of trouble!

As a matter of fact, I was planning on creating a similar site once I had
my own situation fully sorted, but seems like there’s no need to do that now!”

Teemu, internet entrepreneur, Finland


“I’m in a position where my income as a freelancer is growing steadily, and along
with it, my taxes. With this in mind, I contacted Julius to look at what my options
were and how I could ease this situation.

We scheduled a Skype call and Julius quickly tried to understand my situation. Then
we discussed my options and what each one would involve, both the pro’s and the

He was able to clear all my questions in a clear and succinct way, and I also got to
understand some technical jargon which made things much easier to process.

Julius was also very helpful in assuring me that he will be able to give me a hand
in the future, should I need him.

Overall I’m very satisfied with the knowledge and help he provided!”

Tiago, IT, Portugal”


“Thank you very much for your answer. I spent 2 days researching about
offshore company but your email gave me much more insight.”

Ploy – Thailand


“Julius was great to speak to. It’s hard to understand in today’s internet where to get your information from, especially in the offshore field. He was very kind to have a conversation with me and cleared all the noise i had in my mind. Highly recommended!”
M – Italy


“Julius was so kind to help me out when I had some specific questions on
off shore businesses, after studying his website, which is already very informative. Thanks for your help!”
Els, The Netherlands


“First off… thanks for everything you do. I’ve read many of your posts and already learnt so much from you.”
Absokim (Digital Nomad Forum) – Sweden


On the newsletter/emails

“That’s a sick tip Julius – thanks a lot!”

“this made me laugh!”

“this is really something different!”

“that last article was really wild”


“I’ve read some of your posts on Digital Nomad forum and just finished
watching 2 YouTube movies that I’ve received over the newsletter. It’s
really inspiring, exciting and makes a lot of sense, it made me angry a
bit to see how much the governments takes to their pocket thougj.

Thank you once again for what you do and good luck with your journey!”
Tomasz – Poland


“Hi Julius,

I live in the Philippines and I was enticed reading some of your articles
on how you can live free of taxation. I have also watched your videos and
they are very informative

I don’t have a business but I have a few capital.

Now, I am looking on how I can live as global citizen.


On my Book on Taxes for Digital Nomads:

“And I also wrote an article to be published in “God knows when” (thank you covid-19!) It’s in portuguese but it mentions you, in the bibliography. But, more than that, it’s inspired in the way you present a subject, I don’t know how to put this in words… I think the article (the one written in portuguese) presents a complex subject -digital nomadism and international taxation – written in a way that anyone understands and I do think I learned how to do that by reading your book. So, thank you for that!”
Marisa Ouro – Tax Inspector – Portugal



On my Book for starting travelers…


This is a great book, so practical and straight forward. Love it. Will
pass it on to my son who is in this self-development phase where travelling
comes in handy…

Again, thank you so very much for sharing this lovely piece of personal
experience! Your karma account must be overflowing… thank you again.

All the best,”


“You really wrote a super cool book! It is very informative and the little anecdotes make it an easy and very interesting read. I really am impressed! You really thought about everything since it is very complete. Congratulations on this book, I am sure that loads of publishers would like to get their hands on this…”
– Judith, Chili


“I finished it in one go”
Anna, Paraguay


“I really enjoyed reading your book! It reads easily and contains a treasure of essential “need to know” information for beginning travelers. For the veteran fellow traveler I must say that it is always great to see that although we all are different, we in fact share a similarities.

I ones read the quote: “when an ass goes travelling, he never comes back a horse”, meaning that if you travel without the right mentality and open mindedness you will not learn much.

I think that some people were born as travelers since we all share the curiosity for new things and the desire to break out of routines. Therefore I like the way you try to create a traveling mindset in your book. The part about the effect on the brain even gave me a complete new insight, I never saw it that way.

But I recognize a lot of me, my experiences and conclusions also in the information from your fellow travelers, which was also very valuable. You did a great job!”

Aksel, Belgium



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