Why Apply Flag Theory?

Most people never move from the place they were born. They go to school, follow the norms, choose from the available careers, and pursue a “stable” path. Molding their life into conventional and predictable patterns, remaining among old friends and family who remind them of their limitations and their place. They accept these are the [...]

The Rebel Mindset

One thing that happens a lot is the following: During a call I tell someone what to do to not pay taxes. They immediately start looking for ways to do the opposite. You want an example? I tell someone that in their case they need to immigrate in order to stop paying taxes in their [...]

Should You Hide From The Tax-man?

A few weeks ago I received an email. Someone had been researching his tax situation. He figured out that he could get out of dodge by directing his salary to a "secure" private bank account. He then would wire it to his personal account back home, pretending that these were just savings. I told him [...]

Why Does The Government Waste Money?

Doest the government waste money? After you read this I am sure you will see the world differently. We start with a Venezuelan friend of mine. Let us call him Juan. A nice guy who plays it cool. He does not reveal his age and likes the ladies. I know him from salsa.   He [...]

How To Reduce Bitcoin Taxes To Zero

  Zero percent Bitcoin taxes? That’s right. International Bitcoin companies -and their owners- can operate in a way they do not pay taxes. Yet nobody seems to understand this. Down below we will first discuss a few fundamentals of taxation. Then we will look at two small case studies and discuss some downsides.   Important: [...]

How To Deal With The EU VAT Digital Products?

A little while ago I got a nasty surprise. I had bought a digital product online. Some expensive training course. I had to pay an EXTRA 19% Value Added Tax (VAT - EU VAT Digital Products) to the German government. Scheisse!   But why? Well, there are new VAT rules in de EU since January [...]

Tax Free Philippines – Live Tax Free as a Foreigner

When I am writing this I am sitting in an internet cafe. Behind me there is a tourist girl comparing her love life to the 50 shades. Outside on the terrace there is a family completely dressed up after church. They all look pretty. Last week I sat down with a Filipino lawyer. As you [...]

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