Road trip Cebu


Let me tell you about the very exotic road trip I went on.

It started when we left Cebu at 5 AM. In a southbound bus.

To Oslob.

In Oslob there is a feeding ground for whale sharks. (this means that they are being fed by “marine biologists”)

So you have about 100% change to get up close and personal with the largest fish in the world!

Swimming with these gentle giants is absolutely wonderful.

…Although the experience is commercialized. And fills a little bit like a zoo…
After that we went further south. Rounded the south of the island and crashed in a little village.

We are staying directly at the ocean. Ours is a one story house made from bambo.


It is summer here. It is wind still and hot.

But the ocean is beautiful.

It is as flat as a lake. Starting emerald green. It becomes blue towards the horizon. And it fades into the sky. There is no horizon. It is all just clear blue.

I have NEVER seen anything like it…

After napping we go canyoning Filipino style (on flip flops). We climb waterfalls and squeeze through caves. Water cascading down. I barely fit.

The cliffs above us are filled with lush vegetation. The sun plays with the mist of the cascading waterfalls.

We conclude with a dip in a hot spring.

On the way back we buy some fresh tuna for dinner. At night we play guitar.

And then enjoy the silence.


We left without a plan.

But we stayed away four days.

We visit Kawasan falls, go snorkelling with 100s of thousands of sardines in Moalboal, drive around on a motorbike and visit white beach where Filipinos go camping during the weekend.

The last day we even visit the local cock fighting arena (where white little me is one of the main attractions). The fighting cocks are cutting each other up like crazy. Until one of them is dead. The crowd roars. Many are drunk. There is betting going on everywhere. Many will eat white rice the entire week…
Before we take the bus back to Cebu we sit down watching the ocean. An orange sun sinks behind the horizon. A last look in silence. And then we to get back to reality.


Just before I went on this trip I had a realization.

For the last 4 years it has been my dream to be a (tax-free) digital nomad. And I did EVERYTHING to get to where I am today.

And after a first few months of being out here and getting used to everything, I realized.

I am finally living my dream.

And that was a really happy moment…


What this has to do with you?


But next email I will explain you how you can live tax free in the Philippines (yay!).


The Happy Camper


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