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Do you want to have an international life, reduce taxes or set up a tax-free company and don’t know where to start?

Luckily, I am now offering you the opportunity to talk to me directly about taxes and company set-ups and an international lifestyle.


I can answer your questions about:

  • How to live a tax-free life.
  • Discuss your current business model and how you can –reduce- taxes while staying on the “right side” of the law.
  • How to set up a business in a tax friendly country and who to talk to.
  • How to deal with practical issues of moving abroad and running an international business.
  • How it REALLY is to live like a tax-free digital nomad.


“After following Julius’ helpful advice online for sometime, I reached out for his assistance when I was ready to flip the nomadic switch. As luck would have it we were both in Bali at the same time. We met several times and over those chats and subsequent emails, came upon a solution which fit my current set up. He was very patient and knows this topic inside and out.

I’d highly recommend Julius to anyone looking to explore a digital nomad lifestyle, or just for offshore company and tax advice. Thanks!
Naomi S. – Australia


My name is Julius van der Beek and I have been making my living from giving tax advice and setting up tax-free businesses for small international entrepreneurs since 2012.

My goal is now to help entrepreneurs like you to live your tax-free and international dream life.

…My goal is to help YOU…


Julius consulted me on my business and my tax situation. I felt Julius was very knowledgable, and especially a good fit for people that don’t fit the usual narrative of being US-based. Especially if you’re from e.g. Europe (like myself) Julius is super helpful and on-point. Would definitely recommend again!”
P. Moorman (Netherlands)


What does a consult look like?

The price of a consult is 397 EURO.

You can pay with Bitcoin, International Wire Transfer or Paypal.

I will talk to you via Skype (other options available). This talk usually lasts one hour. I discovered that this is about the maximum time people are able to take in new information.

I do not have the answer to everything. Sometimes I need to read up on actual laws. I usually follow up with one email/report to make sure I DON’T leave any questions unanswered.  This is included.

In some cases I refer clients to services providers who can help them further. For example with setting up a company or opening a bank account.

Important I: If you are not happy with the consult or if I cannot answer your questions you can get a FULL REFUND (minus possible banking/transfer fees).

Important II: I cannot help US- Citizens or long-term Green-card holders.

Important III: The above contact form is only for customers (and not for free advice). From your initial message I will have a broad idea what you need and if I cannot help you I will tell you.

Important IV: I can help you save enormous amounts of time and give you practical insights you cannot get anywhere else.

Important V: I am still doing this consults in 2021 and have now assisted over 350 others like you.



Fill in the contact form now, or first read first what -these people like you- had to say…

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Julius advised me on the right tax strategy as a digital nomad. After extensively discussing my options, we found a solution that was both secure and saving me money. His session saved me a lot of time and a lot of money.”

Aaron S, UK


“Thanks for this report, very enlightening, and I’ve learned a huge amount from our chat and this report.”
John – Ireland


“Julius was so kind to help me out when I had some specific questions on
off shore businesses, after studying his website, which is already very informative. Thanks for your help!”
Els, The Netherlands


“First off… thanks for everything you do. I’ve read many of your posts and already learnt so much from you.”
Absokim – Sweden (Digital Nomad Forum)


“I’m in a position where my income as a freelancer is growing steadily, and along with it, my taxes. With this in mind, I contacted Julius to look at what my options were and how I could ease this situation.

We scheduled a Skype call and Julius quickly tried to understand my situation. Then we discussed my options and what each one would involve, both the pro’s and the con’s.

He was able to clear all my questions in a clear and succinct way, and I also got to understand some technical jargon which made things much easier to process.

Julius was also very helpful in assuring me that he will be able to give me a hand in the future, should I need him.

Overall I’m very satisfied with the knowledge and help he provided!”

Tiago, IT, Portugal”


“I’d like to thank Julius for creating this great resource. There’s an
increasing amount of us location independent workers and entrepreneurs
who wish to become “digital nomads”, and while there are some great
websites about the travel and business aspects of this lifestyle, almost
nobody seems to know about the tax situation. I’ve been researching this
subject on my own for a long time, spending perhaps even a little too
much time and money on it, so I’m extremely happy to have found this
website. I just wish I had found it about a year ago, would have saved me
a lot of trouble!

As a matter of fact, I was planning on creating a similar site once I had
my own situation fully sorted, but seems like there’s no need to do that now!”
Teemu, internet entrepreneur, Finland.


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