Living In Chiang Mai As A Digital (Tax) Nomad

Aaah... The capital of remote workers. The empire of digital nomad-ism. After spending some time here in 2008, it was no surprise I would end up here at one point. Life in Chiang Mai as a digital nomad is easy going.   I wake up every morning whenever I feel like it. No alarm bells for me. [...]

I Give Away This Ebook Because I Couldn’t Sell It

Let me tell you about my biggest failure ever. Sure, you can laugh. But this has been so embarrassing for me that I never dared to talk about it for a long time. I literally told this to only one or two people before writing this email.   Where is this about? A long time [...]

Laos Visa Run – Three Lessons Learned

One of the little grievances of the digital nomad lifestyle - in South East Asia - is the need for via runs. In some cases, you have to leave the country to come back in. A completely physical exercise for a paper problem, don't you agree? I like to combine "business" with pleasure so I [...]

Thailand Vipassana In Doi Sutthep – Highly Recommended

Did you notice the awkward long silence? I just returned from a Buddhist Vipassana here in Thailand. That's right, I have been completely zennnnnnn on top of a mountain in one of the most beautiful temples in Thailand. It is called Doi Sutthep. I can recommend it to everybody. It is probably impossible to describe [...]

A Day In The Life Of A Digital Nomad In Bali

People have been asking me... "... Julius, what do you do all day in Bali. You can not be surfing all the time" That is correct. But the REAL answer to that question might be a lot less exciting. Let me walk you through a day of my life as a digital nomad in Bali.   [...]

Singaporean Baby Sitters

I had a tiring weekend in Singapore. I went dancing with a former Ms Singapore and spend a day in the new area of Marina Bay. I had to go there to do a visa run. Indonesia only allows you to stay a total of 2 months. Then you have to leave. Most people fly [...]

Island Hopping Philippines And Diving On Rocks

Did you notice anything strange? Of course not. But I have been "of the grid" for 10 days. Not as if there is no internet here in the Philippines. There is mobile internet everywhere. Except in the most remote of islands. And it is exactly where I dived head first on a rock. Arguably the [...]

Exotic Road Trip Cebu

  Let me tell you about the very exotic road trip I went on. It started when we left Cebu at 5 AM. In a southbound bus. To Oslob. In Oslob there is a feeding ground for whale sharks. (this means that they are being fed by "marine biologists") So you have about 100% change [...]

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