The Effect of the Corona Virus on Digital Nomads

The Effect of the Corona Virus on Digital Nomads Dear lock-downed Freebird, I hope you're doing fine in these strange times... The last weeks I, just like you, have been wondering how the corona crisis will effect the digital nomad lifestyle. At least for now, the life of flying everywhere and doing what you want [...]

The Rebel Mindset

One thing that happens a lot is the following: During a call I tell someone what to do to not pay taxes. They immediately start looking for ways to do the opposite. You want an example? I tell someone that in their case they need to immigrate in order to stop paying taxes in their [...]

Reddit Racist

"Wow, what an entitled, racist, and pathetic human being you are." Whahaha. This is what someone wrote on Reddit as a response to a blog-post I wrote about my life as a digital nomad in Chiang Mai.   I am not sure why I am all of that. I would bet serious money that if [...]

How To Stay Healthy As A Digital Nomad

I have a large family. And one spring holiday (a long time ago), we all went to a bungalow park (a typical Dutch thing to do). My grandfather went along. As did uncle Wout. Uncle Wout is my grandfather's best friend from childhood. Both were about 70 at that time. They married two sisters. My [...]

MGTOW – Why Men Give Up…

During my first journey around the world -when I was still young and innocent- I visited the North East of Brazil. Fortaleza, to be precise. The place looks like a dump, but when you know where to go, it is a GREAT place for night life. Especially in the Brazilian "winter" when Brazilians search sunshine [...]

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