The Effect of the Corona Virus on Digital Nomads

The Effect of the Corona Virus on Digital Nomads Dear lock-downed Freebird, I hope you're doing fine in these strange times... The last weeks I, just like you, have been wondering how the corona crisis will effect the digital nomad lifestyle. At least for now, the life of flying everywhere and doing what you want [...]

Why Apply Flag Theory?

Most people never move from the place they were born. They go to school, follow the norms, choose from the available careers, and pursue a “stable” path. Molding their life into conventional and predictable patterns, remaining among old friends and family who remind them of their limitations and their place. They accept these are the [...]

The Rebel Mindset

One thing that happens a lot is the following: During a call I tell someone what to do to not pay taxes. They immediately start looking for ways to do the opposite. You want an example? I tell someone that in their case they need to immigrate in order to stop paying taxes in their [...]

Who Is Speaking The Truth?

Picture by Home Sport I was talking to a client last week from Argentina. In a nutshell: he wants out. Taxes and regulations are insane. Decades of Socialism have made it very difficult to do business. He even has to bribe local government employees to prevent them coming in and "finding something." Like [...]

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