Why Apply Flag Theory?

Most people never move from the place they were born. They go to school, follow the norms, choose from the available careers, and pursue a “stable” path. Molding their life into conventional and predictable patterns, remaining among old friends and family who remind them of their limitations and their place. They accept these are the [...]

7 Things To Understand About Offshore Agents

I recently started working for a Cyprus based offshore agent. I am helping them with marketing offshore companies online. And when I did my research, I spotted something. In Google Advertising I saw who ranked at the nr. 1 position. One of our competitors. Their ad claimed: Cyprus - Anonymous and Confidential. Mmmmm? People who [...]

The Estonia E-Residency Program Is Useless. Here Is Why.

[August 2018 edit: I see I have still a lot of traffic on this page; time for a small update. I started hearing about the E-residency scheme in 2014. It did not have to do anything with residency, starting a company in Estonia was a nightmare and taxes are much higher than other jurisdictions. And [...]

International Bank Transfers AKA Bank Robbery

When you read this I am actually surfing (ok, learning how to). ...the wonders of automation... But that is NOT what I want to talk about with you today.   The topic at hand is how banks are carving my heart out and serve it on a silver platter during "Wolf of Wall Street" style [...]

7 Reasons To Set Up A Company

If you want to got become a serious international professional, you need to set up a company. More specifically, a legal entity. Why? I will give you a couple of reasons.But first let's briefly discuss what a legal entity is... A legal entity is effectively recognized as a person under the law. It can engage [...]

How To Open An International Bank Account

Every international entrepreneur needs to open international bank account. The opening of such bank accounts has, unfortunately, become more and more cumbersome in the last couple of years. Why this is, I will discuss in later postings. What is important for now is that you understand the process and requirements of opening a bank account before [...]

Difference Residency And Citizenship

You know... If you want to ride on the international living fast-lane I can not think of more essential knowledge than the concepts of residency and citizen ship. Master this, and its benefits soon will merge themselves into a river of possibilities. Yet I have come across high paid tax advisers who could not tell [...]

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