Book on how to Live Tax-Free as a Digital Nomad

The Tax-Free Digital Nomad—The Ultimate Book on Digital Nomad Taxes

After helping over 300 Digital Nomads obtain freedom and lower or eliminate tax (completely legal) over the last 7 years, I decided to put what I learned on “paper.”

I summarized everything I normally only tell my paying customers. From how to arrange taxes as a Digital Nomad, how to properly emigrate from your home country, how to structure your business, and access the financial system.

I am happy with the result! It’s easy to read and covers all important concepts. Everyone I talk to wants to read it, and everyone’s who has read it loves it!

This is what one of them wrote:

“I had always been scared that if I moved my business out of my country it would be illegal, and besides that it’s a huge maze where you don’t know where to start. After reading Tax Free Digital Nomad I have a clear plan on how to set up my life and business abroad the best way possible and it’s 100% legal. Besides that it shows you everything you need to take into account when moving abroad that I would’ve otherwise not know. I almost became emotional when I realized what freedom we have and how few people know this. Thanks Julius for writing this amazing book, wouldn’t know what I would do without it!”


Unique Format

Few books explain international taxation to individuals. There is nothing a Digital Nomad or International entrepreneur can rely on. Even worse, there’s no-one addressing the practical hurdles a Digital Nomad faces while trying to run a business from a laptop.

Look, I am now in my sixth year. I can tell you everything you need to know about being tax-free. It’s great overall, but some things suck. Just by learning from my mistakes you can gain tremendously!


Lot’s of Digital Nomads are confused about taxes. You don’t have to be.

This book is different from websites and other books on DNs and flag theory, which mostly give a few ideas of what you can do and tell you to “contact your lawyer”, or try to up-sell some corporate structure you don’t need.

At the risk of being dry, I wrote this book from a legal point of view. Yes, you can increase your liberty by international diversification. But you need to understand the basics: when you have to pay taxes, and when you don’t.

After reading this book you’ll be far more comfortable in making your own decisions. Few of the agents, bankers and regulators in this industry actually understand what I wrote down. I can see this when I read their articles. If you red this book now, you will be armed with unique knowledge for the rest of your business life.

You’ll become a sovereign individual. In full control of your life, and impossible to fool!


I also wrote an article to be published in “God knows when” (thank you covid-19!) It’s in portuguese but it mentions you, in the bibliography. But, more than that, it’s inspired in the way you present a subject, I don’t know how to put this in words… I think the article (the one written in portuguese) presents a complex subject -digital nomadism and international taxation – written in a way that anyone understands and I do think I learned how to do that by reading your book. So, thank you for that!
Marisa Ouro – Tax Inspector – Portugal


Overview of Content:

I firstly explain where the rights of governments to tax starts, and where it ends. Once you understand this, you can start to play with it.

I then included a short chapter on the recent regulatory crackdown. Nothing heavy, but crucial to understand what you’ll encounter when opening bank accounts and such.

We then explore the many roads available to Digital Nomads leading to low, or no-tax. And I explain how international law enshrines your right to move to greener pastures: there is literally nothing anyone can do about you lowering your taxes.

Next, I explain essential legal concepts, such as residency, citizenship, domicile and tax residency. I also summarize all the important aspects of international taxation, such as source of income, the different types of taxes and more.



Flag Theory

Once you know what you can, and cannot do, we can move on to the fun stuff: flag theory. Flag theory has been used by wealthy individuals for decades. But DNs can easily use it as well. In fact, you might already be doing it. But I’ll give you the tools to do it consciously and with great effect!

I’ll explain what kind of tax systems there are, how to give up your current tax residency, and how to obtain a new one.

Next, we look at how to start your business. How can you get paid tax-free? Do you even need to register a business? What is a corporation, and how do you run one? Can you set-up a tax-free offshore company?

Financial services are next: from opening a personal bank account, a bank account for a company, to accepting Bitcoins and credit-cards. How to ensure you stay connected to the financial system while traveling the world with a shaky residence situation.

In the chapter on international investment we look at the tactics the “rich” use to keep their wealth out of the grubby hands of governments, lawyers, criminals, and ex-wives. We look at a few interesting investment classes available for digital nomads. Ever wondered if you should use a trust of foundation so that no one can touch your assets? Maybe, likely not. And finally I explain how you can prevent losing your money in investment scams.

How to live life in the most epic manner is discussed in the chapter on playgrounds. Besides giving a few pointers on what not to do in the countries you want to spend most time. Or investing to much in places you shouldn’t.

The next chapter discusses getting a second passport, explaining who benefits and who doesn’t. It explains what citizenship is and the different ways passports can be obtained, such as citizen by investment programs.

Cyber security has it’s own chapter as well, providing essential tools to keep your internet activity secure, and safe from tracking and data-mining.

To conclude, miscellaneous topics are discussed: health insurance, what to do in a dispute, what to understand about service agents, and why you shouldn’t break the law.

And as a bonus I include a number of legal tools for US Citizens to lower taxes.


Comments from readers:

Herman: “I read it in one go, super inspiring!”

Ruben: “What seemed very complex theory at first, is now fully understandable after reading the book.”

Peter: “So far I’ve read 2/3 of your book. Well written, especially in an industry filled with half-truths and bizarre interpretations of the rules!”


And this book has a five star rating on Amazon…


What this book isn’t?

This book is a book about fundamental principles. It does not contain information on the best bank, or latest cash-back debit-card. This industry is always changing and I want this book to be relevant, regardless of what happens. It helps you fundamentally understand the world you want to travel in like no other book does.


The Price

The price of this book is only 37 Euro. This is a fraction of what other manuals cost and all they do is give some general information of what is possible. The information is much detailed. I really put a lot of effort in putting it together.


Money back

If you’re not happy with the book, just let me know and I’ll give you your money back. One month, six months from now, you can get your money back (and keep the book). Moreover, Paypal offers massive advantages to buyers over sellers in case something goes wrong. You really have no risk here.


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Do not hesitate!

If you’re serious about living a life of freedom and prosperity, this might be the best purchase you ever make…