How To Invest Your Money In 2016

More and more people ask me what they should do with their money. How to invest. How to save. Since we as digital nomads sort of live alongside society we often do not enrol in mandatory pension schemes (which I think is a blessing, but that is for some other day). Let me first of [...]

How To Stay Healthy As A Digital Nomad

I have a large family. And one spring holiday (a long time ago), we all went to a bungalow park (a typical Dutch thing to do). My grandfather went along. As did uncle Wout. Uncle Wout is my grandfather's best friend from childhood. Both were about 70 at that time. They married two sisters. My [...]

MGTOW – Why Men Give Up…

During my first journey around the world -when I was still young and innocent- I visited the North East of Brazil. Fortaleza, to be precise. The place looks like a dump, but when you know where to go, it is a GREAT place for night life. Especially in the Brazilian "winter" when Brazilians search sunshine [...]

Laos Visa Run – Three Lessons Learned

One of the little grievances of the digital nomad lifestyle - in South East Asia - is the need for via runs. In some cases, you have to leave the country to come back in. A completely physical exercise for a paper problem, don't you agree? I like to combine "business" with pleasure so I [...]

7 Tips For Signing Contracts Abroad

I have an absolutely valuable lesson about signing contracts abroad for you that WILL save you a LOT of trouble in the future. Signing contracts. Yeah... Boring, yes I know. But here are TWO examples that happened to me in one week. I will explain to you why it is important to know what you [...]

Thailand Vipassana In Doi Sutthep – Highly Recommended

Did you notice the awkward long silence? I just returned from a Buddhist Vipassana here in Thailand. That's right, I have been completely zennnnnnn on top of a mountain in one of the most beautiful temples in Thailand. It is called Doi Sutthep. I can recommend it to everybody. It is probably impossible to describe [...]

The Estonia E-Residency Program Is Useless. Here Is Why.

[August 2018 edit: I see I have still a lot of traffic on this page; time for a small update. I started hearing about the E-residency scheme in 2014. It did not have to do anything with residency, starting a company in Estonia was a nightmare and taxes are much higher than other jurisdictions. And [...]

A Day In The Life Of A Digital Nomad In Bali

People have been asking me... "... Julius, what do you do all day in Bali. You can not be surfing all the time" That is correct. But the REAL answer to that question might be a lot less exciting. Let me walk you through a day of my life as a digital nomad in Bali.   [...]

Singaporean Baby Sitters

I had a tiring weekend in Singapore. I went dancing with a former Ms Singapore and spend a day in the new area of Marina Bay. I had to go there to do a visa run. Indonesia only allows you to stay a total of 2 months. Then you have to leave. Most people fly [...]

Why Does The Government Waste Money?

Doest the government waste money? After you read this I am sure you will see the world differently. We start with a Venezuelan friend of mine. Let us call him Juan. A nice guy who plays it cool. He does not reveal his age and likes the ladies. I know him from salsa.   He [...]

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