Do you want the international, entrepreneurial and radically free lifestyle you normally only see in the movies? The Global Citizen will provide you with the tools to just do that…

Because if you stick around you will discover that there are barely legal tricks that the rich and famous use to live below the radar in every corner of the world.

And those insider secrets are about to be revealed to you…

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“I’d like to thank Julius for creating this great resource. There’s an
increasing amount of us location independent workers and entrepreneurs
who wish to become “digital nomads”, and while there are some great
websites about the travel and business aspects of this lifestyle, almost
nobody seems to know about the tax situation. I’ve been researching this
subject on my own for a long time, spending perhaps even a little too
much time and money on it, so I’m extremely happy to have found this
website. I just wish I had found it about a year ago, would have saved me
a lot of trouble!

As a matter of fact, I was planning on creating a similar site once I had
my own situation fully sorted, but seems like there’s no need to do that now!”

Teemu, internet entrepreneur, Finland


Only continue reading if:

  • You are a professional, not bound by borders. You want an epic international life of freedom and wealth.
  • You are working internationally as an international entrepreneur, digital nomad, consultant or freelancer. Or you have a burning desire to do so.
  • You are interested in political and economical developments and what this means for you. You want to learn financial and tax planning tricks to free yourself from the wimps and actions of big multinationals, banks and out of control governments.

How does it sound so far? Good?

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Now who should leave this site and should go back to living mediocre lives:

  • Those that are looking for some sort of get rich quick formula. What you are about to discover is inside information on living internationally. And the financial and tax tricks that will assist you with obtaining this goal. This can be challenging. But once mastered, you will feel like standing on top of a mountain at sunrise. Completely alive…
  • Those who do not want take responsibility for their own lives. Those who think that rich people are to be hated and not used as an example. And think all will be well if the government raises taxes and enforces more regulations and takes more control of the economy.


Are you still with me?


Than I will do all in my power to help you achieve your international goals.


If You Are Serious About This Stuff…

Get started now and discover how I became a true global citizen.


If you want to read more about the tactics that are described here please read the latest articles at the Global Citizen Blog.


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You Might Be Asking. Who Am I?

My name is Julius van der Beek.

I am a tax-free Global Citizen. A non conformist. I love travelling the world.

I work location independent during the week, and spend weekends exploring nature, history and cultures and occasionally dancing the night away and being enchanted by exotic smiles…

I have already visited over 50 countries as a backpacker and then more serious traveller before I became a digital nomad at the end of 2014.

Travelling the world on my own account. I am unregulated, I do not pay taxes, I do not file tax returns and my business is structured in such a way that I do not have to worry about an annual audit.

Wondered how I did this? (check below)


My last job was in Dubai. Where I devoted almost three years of my professional life to help international entrepreneurs setting up companies and bank accounts. Serving 100’s of international business owners.

And now I am taking this knowledge online to serve you.


I like dancing salsa, practicing martial arts, singing out loud and smoking cigars (in no particular order).


I have been a student of macro economics and Western politics since 2008. And I am worried. Worried about the crushing effect the growing state has on entrepreneurial and ambitious individuals like yourself.


And my goals is to spread the knowledge on true international Freedom to as many people as possible.


I have seen first hand how internationalization can help individuals escape from the shackles of society. To live free and for-filling lives.

And now I am going to make this knowledge available to you.


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